PetCaveCo® Tear Stain Remover For Dogs & Cats

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Did you know that tear stains can cause your pet serious pain and be the sign of infection?

While cats are dogs are usually good at looking after themselves; sometimes they need a little helping hand. Tear stains are one of those pesky nuances our furry friends have to deal with.

Some breeds are affected more than others; and it's something that can easily cause your pet pain. Over time without cleaning tear stains are formed, and while they look harmless they can actually lead to serious infection!

Unfortunately regular water isn't enough to clean and disinfect the area; and using soap can be harmful around your pet's sensitive eyes. That's why we created the PetCaveCo™ Tear Stain Remover Wipes.

A simple, all-natural wipe designed to instantly dissolve tear stains and disinfect the area preventing future infection.

Prevent potential infection of the eyes from bacterial build up and keep your friend happy. Made from 100% cotton, our Tear Stain Wipes can be used as little as once a week.

Note: If your pets tear stains are dark colored its a sign of yeast infection and you must start using wipes on a regular basis.

Why Its Awesome:

  • 100% COTTON - will not irritate your pet.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL - helps to prevent infection.
  • EASY-TO-USE - a few wipes and the tear stains are gone!
  • SAFE - no harmful chemicals so its safe for regular use.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - using aloe vera to naturally disinfect and clean.

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