PetCaveCo® Super Absorbent Quick-Dry Cat Towel

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Looking for a fast way you can dry your pet’s hair?

Pets get dirty, and you can’t blame them, that’s why after a long-lasting shower you need to ease the drying process, and with this high-quality super absorbent towel, you will do it fast!

This amazing product is also great for grooming and traveling, perfect for keeping your pet warm, cozy and comfortable, that’s why they love it!

Plus, you can increase bonding time with your pet, because nothing compares to the bond you share with your beloved friend, and while you use our towel you have an opportunity to inspect your pet’s body looking for any potential skin problems.

Check this out!

  • Finest material! Our smooth towel is made with 100% microfiber. It will provide maximum absorbency, drying your pet in a few minutes
  • Perfect for all hair types! This super absorbent microfiber hair towel is ideal for daily use on coarse, fine or thick hair
  • Due to the towel high-quality design, it allows you to easily dry off your pet’s entire body, just place your hands inside the corners and that’s it
  • The quick-dry towel is lightweight and machine washable, thanks to its durable material can be easily cleaned
  • Save money, save time! Visits to the groomer can be expensive, we know. When it comes to down cost, home bathing and drying it’s a good option, and with this quick-dry towel you will do it faster than ever!
  •  Super versatile! You can have large size towels in a basket for guests to use at your beach house for the shower instead of typical heavy towels that won’t be as efficient as these super absorbent towels.

You’ll be amazed how fast this towel will soak up all the water off your beloved pet, get yours NOW!

Good to know!

  • Size small: 23 x 13 inches
  • Size large:  30 x 13 inches
  • Our towel comes in four colors!

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