PetCaveCo Pet Nail Grinder

Looking for a different way to groom your pet’s nails?

Grooming your pet’s nails doesn’t have to be a struggle. This amazing nail grinder will help you with this trimming process, and both of you will enjoy it because it will only take a few minutes.

It’s very easy to use, painless when you do it properly and most important, it is gentle with your pet. Also, it can protect your sofa, cabinets, carpets, and other furniture which your pet may focus on.

Check this out!

  • This wonderful grinder it’s purrfect to groom tough and sharp nails! Thanks to its design it comes with a diamond grinding wheel that helps you with those savage claws!
  • Low vibration and low noise! Your pet will not get scared of any loud sounds thanks to the low noise technology. And the grooming process becomes easier for both of you.
  • Purrfect for every pet! Due to this product’s innovative design it comes with three grinding methods for pets of all sizes
  • You will love it too! It is very easy to use and will help you save time of long-lasting hours of nail trimming sessions
  • Practical product! You have two amazing charging options: 2 x AA Batteries or USB charging

Keep your pet’s nails trimmed without having to make expensive visits to the groomer, look no further than this wonderful pet nail grinder.

Shipping Time: The shipping time will vary depending on your location and the product ordered. Our estimated shipping time is 1-3 weeks but please refer to our shipping policy for further details. 

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