Pet Vacuum Brush & Deshedding Brush

This tool is designed to keep your life free of pet hair by removing loose hair directly from your pet before the shedding of hair surrounds the place and causes a mess. It sucks all dirt and loose hair like a magnet so there would be no more shedding everywhere!

dog brush with vacuum 

☑️ Sucks all loose hair, dirt, and dander like a magnet, and it cleans off in a snap.

☑️ Pet vacuum brush baits your pet in cleansing ions instead of soap and water like a waterless bath!

☑️ The Vacuum Grooming Brush captures it all like a magnet, and it cleans off in a snap!

☑️ Get odors, allergens, odors and shedding off your pet and out of your house!

☑️ No more bath-time battles. No soap. No water. No mess!

☑️ Pet vacuum brush cleans, conditions and neutralizes bacteria and odors in one easy motion.

☑️ Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush makes your home more livable and your pet more lovable.

☑️ Stimulates the skin blood circulation.

☑️ Grooms deeper fur, doesn't scratch your pet's skin, and harmlessly removes mats.

☑️ Fits PN™ models and all standard-size vacuums.