Light Pet Nail Clippers With 5X Magnification

Save 49%

Does your pet disappear when the clippers come out?

With our 100% brand-new product you will gently cut your pet’s nails! This product is designed to carefully cut your pet’s nails and maintain safely the delicate blood line so you can trim in the right spot.

By trimming their nails, you will contribute to your pet’s health, for instance, clipping your cat’s nails can prevent painfully broken claws that can result when a sharp tip gets caught. Also, this pet clipper will help you to keep your sofa, curtains and other furniture as new.

Check this out!

  • This unique pet nail clipper uses a LED light! This illuminates your pet’s nail to quickly show where to stop trimming.
  • Keep safe the blood line! With the 5x Magnifying glass, you will be able to see every detail of your pet’s nails.
  • This amazing clipper with light features a precision cutting blade that cuts the nail very fast.
  • Great option for every nail color! This is the greatest clipper for both light and dark color nails.
  • You won’t have to scour the floor looking for nails! Our nail clipper has a removable container for you to easily throw in the garbage when done.
  • Purrfect gift! Dog and cat owners will be thankful, because cutting your pet’s nails has never been that easy
  • You will love it too! It is very comfortable to use due to the long handle it has, providing you with the security you need while trimming your pet’s nails.

You won’t find such a purrfessional and unique way to trim your pet’s nails without having to spend hours on it, GET IT NOW!

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