PetCaveCo® Pet Gate Guard

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Is your pet going places he shouldn't be? Our simple to use Pet Gate Guard can be used anywhere in your home to keep your pet and your home safe.

It's made from soft, but highly durable net which is completely safe for you, your pets and any kiddos running around.

If you want to protect your upstairs or your bedrooms from your dog's rampages then our guard is the answer. Works great between walls, doorways and stairwells. Also easily moved from place to place if you move or want to change them.

Keep your pet safe from accidentally running outside your home's front door by using it next to it. 

Made of part see through mesh fabric and woven to be able to withstand the force of any pet. No tools will be necessary for the installation of this product.

  • Extremely popular with customers. Keep pets and home safe at the same time.
  • Very affordable at just $19.95 per Pet Gate Guars.
  • Non Obtrusive - doesn't damage your walls or doors. 
  • Two sizes: comes in an extra large size for big doors, walkways and stairways.

Contains: one woven fabric Pet Gate Guars, two poles that stretch and four sticky hooks where you can install the guard to any walls or doors.

Product Specification: Size: Small: 110 / 72cm (about 40 / 30 inches) Medium: 180 / 72cm (about 70 / 30 inches)

If your door is smaller than 110 or 180?? Order the slightly larger and you can fold parts of the guard forward or place the poles further in. Not an issue at all.

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Shipping: will take 10-20 days in USA and up to 3-5 weeks outside the USA. If you have any questions on shipping just check the tracking code in your inbox or give us an email at

If for any reason at all you are unhappy with the product after your receive it you have time to get a no questions asked refund. Please refer to our refund policy for further details.