Electric Comb Flea Remover For Cats & Dogs

Save 39%

Want to keep your pet flea free?

Our 100% brand-new electronic flea remover is the best way you can prevent your pet from getting fleas!

We shouldn’t expose our beloved pets to toxic chemicals to keep the fleas away, also the insecticides used in common flea-control products can be poisonous to pets. Don’t risk their health and start using this amazing electronic comb!  

  • Our fantastic product will remove any odor in your cat or dog while leaving it shining after a great grooming
  • This electronic flea remover is chemical-free, so It won’t cause allergic reactions to your pet
  • Innovative design! Thanks to its design this flea remover is very easy to use. It’s efficient because it comes with a capture filter for both eggs and adult fleas
  • Due to its ergonomic design, this product is easy to hold! Also, grooming your pet becomes easier because the combs’ teeth are made from stainless steel.
  • Save time and money! Keep your pet flea free without having to spend money in expensive products, you both will love it!
  • This product is easy to clean! It comes with a disposable hygienic filter system, just you remove the trap filter, wash and attach the lid.
  • The electronic flea remover is pet-friendly! Give your pet a safe and painless experience, this electronic comb is very gentle to the scalp, and with the LED light you can check the fleas and eggs captured in the disposable filter.

Look no further than this electronic flea remover, it will become your number one ally in the battle against fleas!

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