PetCaveCo® Mouse Cat Laser Toy

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Want to ensure to have a healthy and playful cat?

Your cat will LOVE this Mouse shaped laser toy! Playing with the brand-new laser toy will provide your kitten with long-lasting hours of fun and exercise. You will not doubt your cat is working out enough, thanks to this toy your cat will not stop playing while receiving the necessary mental stimulation.

Cats are intelligent, majestic creatures who require physical and mental stimulation, and they form tight bonds with those closest to them. Having fun with your cat is very important for strengthening bonds, and you will enjoy watching your cat crawling, running and jumping to catch the mouse!

  • While playing with our new laser toy, switch to something tangible. This will make your cat feel like the predator it was born to be!
  • Safe for your cat! The LED light is harmless for your cat’s eye
  • Batteries included! This toy uses (3 x cell button – CX927)

Play provides vital mental stimulation for your kitten by allowing exercise cognitive and motor skills! If you are looking to keep your cat entertained for hours on end, look no further than the Mouse Laser Toy!

Good to know!

  • Size:  Length 78 mm
  • Diameter 13 mm

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