PetCaveCo® The Kitty Cave: 2-in-1 Cat Bed & Tunnel

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Wondering how can you get your kitten’s fur off your furniture?

Cats love to snuggle up in a warm cozy sofa but fur goes everywhere, and we know cleaning that mess can be a nightmare most of the times. Our kitty Cave is the best option when you’re struggling with your cat’s fur all over the place.

You will adore it because of its versatility, just unzip to convert in seconds from a tube bed to a full-size cat mat, helping you keep your kitty warm and furniture fur-free

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  • Multipurpose design! This amazing product can be use as a cat cave or a cat bed, also it’s portable and large enough for small-to-medium dogs too, but don’t tell your kitten!
  • This amazing kitty cave traps hair like a magnet so you can have fur-free furniture! The electrostatic plush material attracts shedding hair helping you keeping your things as clean as possible
  • Purrfect for your kitten’s naps! The tunnel and cat bed comes with extra plush foam which is the purrfect retreat for your kitty’s cat nap. He won’t sleep somewhere else than in his Kitty Cave!
  • The kitty cave comes with built-in Thermo reflective core which reflects your cat’s body heat for extra warmth!
  • Cats adore the soft crinkle sounds this amazing bed makes, encouraging them playing, hiding and lounging for hours.

Cats are constantly looking for the comfort our cave provides, look no further than this practical kitty bed and tunnel, get yours NOW!

Good to know!

  • Size: 35 x 22 inches (90 x 57 cm)
  • 100% Machine Washable

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