PetCaveCo® Interactive Motion Activated Mouse Toy

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Want to provide your cat with long-lasting playtime hours?

Cats are natural hunters by instinct and with our new mouse toy you can ensure your cat has satisfied this instinctive behavior! Kittens get easily attract to our new toy because it looks like a real mouse, and the way it unpredictably moves in different directions drives them crazy

Get your little lion pouncing and crawling!

  • Make sure your kitten is getting the right amount of exercise in! Our interactive mouse toy is motion activated, so it reacts to your cat’s slightest touch.
  • This lovely mouse toy is very attractive to cats, and they adore the way it quickly moves and stops after the second touch, making them feel excited of more playtime
  • This interactive toy is supplied with a sound chip, which makes the toy sound like a real mouse!
  • Purrfect for awake your cats hunting instincts! Keep your cat stimulated with our interactive mouse toy and you will see how its health improves
  • Great option for cats of all ages! Sometimes finding toys for older cats it’s a challenge but they will adore the soft way this interactive toy slides on your floor, also how the mouse only moves when swiped at.
  • Battery included! This toy uses 1 CR2 battery

Playtime is crucial for a healthy and well-behaving cat! It’s the purrfect opportunity to watch your cat scurrying around the house chasing this interactive mouse toy.

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