Flying Bird Toy Cat Drone

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Looking for the best gift you can ever give to your kitten?

This 100% brand-new product will supply many of your kitten’s needs, like catching real birds while flying! And thanks to our drone toy your cat will be amazed and will not stop playing, for sure!

In recent years drones have been rising in popularity because they are fun to play with, and easy to operate due to modern technology it uses. And we want you to enjoy hours of playtime with your cat using our new toy, which is made to fly just like a real bird and clearly, your cat will love chasing it.

Ready, set, pounce!

  • Our toy is easy and safe to operate! Also, lightweight and durable materials.
  • Cats are nocturnal by nature! Thanks to its bright LED lights you can play at night too!
  • Purrfect for indoor and outdoor playing! Enjoy playing in the comfort of your home too.
  • No batteries needed! Easy to charge using your computer thanks to the USB charging cable
  • And most important, safe for your cat! Made from a high-quality foam, this is excellent to play with and provide your cat with necessary mental stimulation

Have you ever opened the door to let your cat in and what does your kitten bring with it? A dead animal, of course! Well if you have enough playtime with your cat using our drone toy, you will train enough those hunting instincts your cat will feel satisfied with its daily hunt!

Good to know!

  • Main material: EPP foam
  • Remote control Battery 4 * AA battery (Not Included)
  • Charging time: About 15-20mins
  • Item dimensions: Length 235mm, Width 275mm and Height 70mm
  • Item weight: 14g

This toy is a real challenge for all cats!

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