Rolling Interactive Weasel Ball Cat Toy


Want to amaze your cat with a brand-new toy?

It’s time to watch your kitten enjoying the new ball with a lovely weasel tied to it!

Watch the weasel desperately flipping around wanting to cling the ball, and obviously, your cat trying to catch them!  With this motorized ball, your cat won’t stop playing, motivated by the playful weasel, this will awake you cat’s instinctual pouncing behavior.

  • This unique design in weasel shape is to satisfy your cats hunting instinct, which is very important for an owner with a healthy and well behaving cat!
  • Our weasel toy electronic components meet environmental quality standards and safety requirements for you to be sure you are providing your playful pet with high-quality toys
  • Very easy to use, you will dore it! It’s veeery simple, you just have to open the ball and insert the batteries so you can let the happiness roll around
  • Due to its funny and unexpected moves, this is a purrfect toy for cats of all ages!

Let the ruthless weasel chase begin!

Good to know

  • Size: 230mm x 83mm
  •  Multiple colors! Here you have many options so you can choose the purrfect one for your kitten
  • Powered by 2 x AA battery (Not Included)

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