Electronic Mat Remover Tool

Save 49%

Want to eliminate mats in your pet’s coat in a very easy way?

Mats consist of clumps of knotted fur and they can occur anywhere on your pet’s body. They start out as a simple hair tangles but can grow until they constantly pull on your pet’s sensitive nerve endings. The best way to deal with these annoying knots is with our 100% brand new Electronic Mat Remover! Establishing a grooming regime in your pet’s life is very important when you frequently brush and comb with our amazing product, fur is less likely to mat, also this high-quality mat remover promotes blood circulation, helping pets relax so they can be healthier!

  • Provide your pet with a better experience! Pets enjoy getting combed with this mat remover because you can do It fast and easy
  • Save money and time! Professional pet groomers are very expensive and with this amazing product you will save a lot of money and time!
  • Safe for your pet! Its special design avoids skin contact. The hidden rotating blades allow you to comb your pet in a safe and easy way!
  • Keeps your pet’s fur smooth! You don’t have to pull the knot to loosen it, because this electronic tool makes this task easier. Just press the red button when encountering mats, so you won’t ruin your pet’s coat!
  • Suitable for all dogs and cats! This wonderful product is purrfect for both dogs and cats with any type of hair
  • Purrfect gift!  This is a gift other cat and dog owners will be thankful for.

Good to know!

This electronic tool uses 4 x AAA batteries (Not included)

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