PetCaveCo® Easy Litter Scoop

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Sick and tired of having to maneuver your kitty's poop trying not to get it anywhere?

Our brand new easy litter scoop allows you to easily clean your cat's litter box without getting your hands dirty or spilling litter on the floor.

Simply scoop up the litter, shake it to allow the litter to fall through into the box and let your pet's doings slide back into the plastic disposal bag.

Includes a litter 'caddy' so you never have to put your unhygienic scoop on the floor or anywhere else you don't want your pet's excrements or bacteria to touch.

  • Litter scoop and disposal in one.
  • Scoop caddy to store your scooper without it touching anything it shouldn't.
  • Can be used with any disposable plastic bags (includes 15).
  • Limited stock. Not sold in stores.
  • Simply the best litter scooper. Buy it now, use it forever.

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