Cat Tower - Interactive Ball Track Tower Cat Toy

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Looking for the best gift you can offer your kitten?

It’s time to encourage your feline’s natural instincts to play and catch with this amazing Multi-level track toy! Has an addictive design for kittens, equipped with three brightly colored balls that securely spin across the tracks keeping your cat entertained for hours chasing FUN!

You have found one of the best Non-Electric and Interactive toys for cats, also compared to other track toys we guarantee you our cat toy uses less floor space. If you want to switch different balls, it’s very easy to disassemble and even easy for cleaning!

  • Eco-friendly material: Made with environmental PP Plastic material, Non-toxic and safe for your kittens
  • Top design: Our toy’s tracks are designed to make the ball swirl around naturally just like a prey does, keeping your cat happy and exercised thanks to independent playtime our toy promotes  
  • Purrrfect for Multi-cat Households!
  • Can resist your cat’s roughest play! Because of its lightweight and sturdy construction, your cat’s toy will last for a long time
  • Non-skid pads at the bottom. Make sure your cat will not slip!

We have found the purrfect MATCH! Our Ball Track tower goes wonderfully with our playful Crazy ladybug toy while it’s moving around, providing more fun for your kitten!

Size: 10x7x7.5 inches

Friendly note:

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This is such a great idea if you want to save your furniture from kitty destruction! That’s why having these toys around in every room is so helpful, and you can keep your cat healthy and well behaved.

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