PetCaveCo® Cat Pyramid Bed With Ball And Scratcher

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Want to provide your cat with long-lasting playtime hours?

Cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated, also they love sleeping and scratching is indispensable for them because it improves their health by releasing stress and helping keep those little savage claws in proper shape. This 100% brand new product will capture your cat’s attention, the cat tent has everything your cat needs! While playing with the fur ball and scratching his claws, is also a nice place where he can hide and feel safe in, cats adore it!

Check this out!

  • Keeps your cat from scratching furniture! No more shredded carpets and rugs, no more scratched wooden furniture, thanks to the scratching board your cat will feel satisfied and won’t have the need to scratch somewhere else
  • You will adore its easy way of use! This wonderful tent is very easy to assemble, it comes with step by step instructions that will help you do it
  • Can resist your cat’s roughest play! Our tent is very stable, thanks to its sturdy and triangle-shaped design, it won’t shake easily
  • This cat tent is 100% eco-friendly! We care about your furry friend, that’s why we use safe materials to ensure your cat’s wellness and happiness!
  • Purrfect gift! This is an indispensable item for feline owners, not only for keeping furniture save but also for cat’s health, other cat owners will be thankful for such a helpful present!

If you’re looking to keep your cat entertained for hours on end, look no further than the suprrr fun cat tent!

Good to know

  • Materials: Plate and plush
  • Size small: 50 * 26 * 37 cm
  • Size large: 55 * 27 * 50 cm

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