PetCaveCo® The Cat Paw Furniture Socks

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The newest addition to our line of amazingly fun cat products are the PetCaveCo Cat Paw Furniture Socks. 

Loved by cat owners around the world; our cat paw socks are a cute and creative way of protecting surface floors from furniture. 

Easily prevent scratches from your living area to ideally your children's bedrooms who absolutely go crazy over these.

Each purchase includes four socks of the same style and you can choose between a range of different designs that will suit you home.

They fit around just about any chair bases or sofas; and are technically designed for table/chair/sofa legs with a circumference of 6-18cm.

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These Cat Paw Socks are a fun and creative way to protect your wooden and hard surface floors from scratches made by furniture being moved on it. 

Ideal for children's bedrooms, or to bring a bit of fun and colour to any room or office. 

You will get 4 socks of the same style with each order. They are suitable for chair and table legs that are between 6-18cm in circumference. 

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