PetCaveCo® LED Bright Bouncing Cat Toy

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Love Having Your Cat Entertained For Hours?

This toy will be your best allied for exercising your cat during hours!

Playtime is crucial for a healthy and well behaving cat, and with this product made with special mesh can satisfied many of your cat’s needs.

  • Our Led flashing bouncy toy is very essential if you’re worried about your furniture staying intact due to its material which makes it purrfect for scratching!
  • Cats are nocturnal by nature! This is extremely fun if your cat wants to play in the DARK, this is all because of the toys special LED lights
  • Safe for your kitten. This toy is made with love, and we think in every detail by using non-toxic materials. Also, the battery is perfectly hidden so you can enjoy watching your cat jumping around with this new toy.

You will just need to take the toy, then release it and enjoy having a playful, healthy kitten, jumping and rolling around.

Just what you need to excite kitty’s desire to play!

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