LED Fish Bath Toy [LED Colorful Swimming Fish]

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Have you ever wondered how you can stimulate your cat while having fun?

Just like animals at the zoo, your kitties need constant stimulation, environmental enrichment and lots of love. This is why your cat will absolutely LOVE this brand new, high-quality fish toy they can play with!

  • Summertime? Hot outside? This bright and fun fish for cats is purrfect for keeping your kitten hydrated at this time of the year
  • Tail moves in such a natural way! And because of this, it replicates the movement of a real fish
  • Battery Included in the fish (Replaceable).
  • Button cell: 1.5 v / 140Ma AG13 * 2
  • Multiple colors! You have a lot you can chose

     Size: 3 inches (approx size)

You won’t need to turn it on, this new toy sensitivity is superior! Our small and packed with the latest technology toy will start to swim at its first touch with water. So it’s very simple, just unpack, drop it into the water and let your cat enjoy this super fun and unique swimming fish.

  • Water activated~ Swim sensors

Now you don’t have to worry about your fishes at home! Let your cat enjoy the fun of catching this lovely colorful fishes.

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