All-In-One Cat Grass Kit

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    Want To Treat Your Cat?

    Our Cat Grass Kit Is Perfect For Busy Cat Owners - No Planting, Just Add Water!

    Wondering how can you improve your cat's health?

    Our 100% certified organic cat grass kit is a fresh and innovative way to provide natural fiber, essential nutrients and life-enrichment for your beloved pet.

    Have you notice your cat tearing through your houseplants or outside grass? 

    Our Cat Grass Kit is a safe alternative to outdoor grass. You do not want your cat to eat grass outside because it may contain pesticides which are dangerous for our pet's health. Many plants they may try and chew may even be highly toxic.

    Why Cats NEED A Safe Grass Source At Home:

    • It's a natural tendency! Cats require grass to ease gastrointestinal problems or to provide nutrients lacking in their diet.

    • It makes them feel better! It helps processing indigestible objects that might cause them discomfort like bones or fur. If they eat too much of something they shouldn't have or that is dangerous, a quick source of grass allows them to pass it quickly.

    Why should you give our organic Cat Grass to your cat?

    • It’s Purrfect for outdoor and indoor cats! It’s a safe alternative for outdoor cats, so they won’t be exposed to toxic pesticides and will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of our Grass

    • Our grass improves your cat’s life quality! It’s an excellent source of Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E & K, along with Minerals & Amino Acids.

    • Thanks to its properties this grass helps to promote healthier skin and a beautiful shiny coat too.

    • Lasts for a long time! One or two grass kits may provide healthy grass to your cat year-round.

    How to use it?

    It's this simple:

    • Open carefully the Grass Bag and add 1 cup of water (200ml)

    • Try not to overwater it! After this, you can place under direct sun.

    • Just wait 6-7 days and your Cat Grass will be ready!

    Good to know!

    Monitor your cat for signs of overconsumption, such as vomiting or diarrhea, and limit access to the plant If necessary.