2x PetCaveCo™️ Pet Grooming Gloves

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Does your furry pet shed hair everywhere and drive you crazy? Then the Pet Massage & Grooming Gloves will be music to your ears! 

This nifty Pet Grooming Glove will brush and clean your pet's coat to prevent out of control shedding, so now you can manage your pet's annoying hair instead of letting it spread all over your house like a fur storm!


  • Comes with both Left and Right Handed Gloves for maximum control and coverage
  • These Pet Grooming Gloves are specially designed with bumps and tips to massage and clean your pet's coat at the same time!
  • Stimulates your pet's skin oils to make its coat more healthy and radiant! 
  • Great for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, and larger animals as well