Crazy Lady Bug Cat Toy

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Want to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated?

Our brand new robot ladybug toy will automatically take your cat’s attention, and promote your kitten's hunting instinct, releasing all the energy inside, making them feel healthy and happy!

Now, encourage your cat to hunt and play safety with this high-quality technology toy.

This crazy bug toy softly and quickly slips in the floor because of the gentle vibration, and they move at an even pace- sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, or also straight ahead.

  • Maintain your cat stimulated. With the vibration drive and change of direction while running of our latest technology robot bug toy, keep them active for hours!
  • This robot ladybug is ideal for your cats to chew because of its rubbery cover
  • Approved by vets! Due to its size, the toy is very hard for cats to swallow. But still, keep an eye on them.
  • It will not get stuck easily because it is constantly moving

It’s time to show you the purrfect match! 

We guarantee you will drive away boredom with this bug realistic dynamics during the exercise, let your cat enjoy playing!

Good to know:

  •    With on / off switch
  •    Battery (1 x AG 13) included in delivery
  •    Size: Approx. L 5 x W 3.5 x h 2 cm

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