Cat Window Seat Hammock

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Does your cat love climbing up high and spying on others or plotting world domination?

Let's face it. Cats love hanging out. But not just anywhere. They love windows, climbing on top of well... pretty much anything.

It's in our cat's natures to want to look outside windows and be high above ground for safety. Whether it's a threat from a fellow cat or feeling safety from their sometimes annoying hoomans; cats love this Cat Window Seat Hammock.

In one minute you can attach it to any window or wall and give your cat exactly what they need. Satisfy your cat's instincts and watch as they show you more love and happiness.

Our window seat cat hammock is literally the ultimate addition to your home. Cats will use it to lounge, spy on potential threats or dinner; and take in the day's sunlight.

Takes up very little space and hangs from the window or door or wall. Simply use the suction cups to stick it anywhere and don't worry; it won't damage anything.

A few things to know:

  • Each Cat Window Seat Hammock supports 50lbs of pure cat.
  • Durable - it won't break or fall off with the strong suction cups.
  • Good to feed your cat away from others or dogs and great place to put your cat's favorite blanket o toy.
  • BUY MULTIPLE: you can stack them across walls to create a cat utopia of climbing from hammock to hammock. If you're a good owner, you'll get two. If you're a great owner; you'll need at least three!

Instructions: simply clean your window or wall well and use the suction cups to stick the hammock to the wall. If you have trouble use a little soapy hot water to create a much stronger stick.


  • Each hammock supports cats of 50lbs
  • Please refer to our shipping policy for further details.

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