Cat Nail Clippers

Best Cat Nail Clippers For Fussy Cats

Are you tired of getting scratched by your little friend when you are playing with him or her? Does their nails get caught in your clothes or the frabic on your couch? Have you ever tried to clip your cat’s nails and had issues? Have you tried different clippers or nail grinders? Do you love pampering you fur babies? Why not do it with a little bit more ease on you and them? Well I am here to your rescue with some exciting news on two wonderful items.

  • Pet Cave Co’s Pick

There is a wonderful tool out called Pet Cave Co's Pick for all of $9.99. This nail cutter is rated 9/10 stars across the board, which is beyond fantastic. It has many PROS like; it has a non-slip handle so it will not get away from you easily, it is perfect size for your little cat friends, it cleans up very easily, AND most of all it has lifetime money-back guarantee. With that being said if something should happen to it or all of the sudden you do not like it you can send it back and get a new one or your money back. There is only CON about this whole item; it is not made from any recycled plastic, but it is recyclable! So why not use a wonderful tool that has so many wonder factors to it.  I would suggest to anyone that loves to pamper their fur babies. All you have to do is to order it and wait for it to come in which it does not take long at all!

  • Pet Nail Grinder
  • However, if you prefer to use a grinder, they work just as well, this wonderful Pet Nail Grinder is one in a million. The reason I say that is because it is noise free! I know my little fur babies do not like the ones that make noise. So it will not scare them at all. It does not have a high vibrations, they will barely notice it. Another wonderful plus about Pet Nail Grinder is that you do not have to be limited just to using it just on your cats, it also can be used on your dogs. It has two wonderful amazing options to charging it, you can use 2 x AA batteries or the USB charging. With it having USB charging, you can literally charge it any where, even on the go! Pet Nail Grinder is rated 5/5 stars by users, I personally would give it a 5 star. The only down fail on this product is the shipping time, which is 1-3 weeks, so your fur babies have to wait that extra time to get pampered. I do garuantee, it will be worth the wait and they will love you for it.  

  • Scratching Posts
  • There is always the simple way of going and just getting a scatching post for them. However, this is not the most effective way of trimming their nails. I have found out that it actually makes their nails sharper. They do not mean to scratch you at all when you are playing, but it does happen. I personally do keep one for my fur babies, they do love it, but I still trim their nails on a regular routine.

  • Healthful Little Tips
  • If you are not a 100% how to cut nails, you can ask a vet, watch a video (I do not highly suggest this), or have someone show you step by step. Whatever you do, do not use regular finger nail cutters on them,they are not made for them, and it will cause them to split. Always take precaution when cutting your fur babies nails, you never want a mishap to happen. You never want to cut them to short, because you can actually cause damage or hit a vein and cause them to bleed really bad. You also have to remember not to cut them to short, because if they go outside any you have to remember their nails is their way of defending themselves.  The most important thing is you have to remain calm, so that you baby does not get upset. One good way to reward them is treats. For cats, I have found out they love catnip treats and it helps calm them. This treat will not hurt them in any way at all. Always, remember do not upset your fur baby because it will not work out when trying to trim their nails and you can end up getting scratched and them getting hurt. I hope these tips will come in handy for you and your fur baby, just remember take it one step at a time and stay calm.

  • Personal Experience
  • I personaly use both clippers and a grinder, depending on the rotation and how long their nails are. I usually clip my fur babies nails every three months and I grind them down a little once a month. The reason I do this is because that way I do not cut them to short, but I also make sure they do not get to long. My cats are so used to their routine, that they have no problem sitting there and having it done, all because they know they will get their treat afterwards. I do it in a calm setting and sometimes I have soothing music playing for them. Yes my fur babies are very spoiled. When they get their nails done, they also get a bath, their bedding washed (which gets done once a week anyways), and they get a special dinner that night. They have to know when they sit there and let you do that, that they will get a high reward. I have found out cats can be a very tempermental pet, so I treat them all out, and I usually have no problems pampering them. This is one way to have one happy cat on your hands, and they will show you so much affection afterwards. I hope you enjoy these products and I look forward to hearing your feedback.